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"Your software is the best I've ever used for comparing PDFs.",
—Customer comments on DiffPDF/DiffPDFc


Training Courses

"Better than anything at University. I will actually use what I learned!.",
—Attendee Feedback

Python courses normally take five days and cover both procedural and object-oriented programming, as well as concurrency. Python courses can be delivered based on Python 2 or Python 3. We can also teach desktop GUI programming with PyQt or PySide. We normally teach on-site in England and Wales. In addition, Python Programming may be available as an open enrolment course in Swansea, South Wales, UK, Autumn/Winter 2015.


We can write programs for you, help with your own programming, and provide programming tutoring and mentoring in the UK. We specialize in Python programming, and PyQt4, PySide, and C++/Qt 4 desktop GUI programming on Windows and Linux. We can help both programming professionals who need to learn the technologies we specialize in and those for whom programming is just a part of their work and who need to get up to speed quickly.

Contact us for consultancy, programming, and training. All services are provided by programmer, author, and trainer Mark Summerfield (mark@qtrac.eu).