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Easy to learn and use software to create, edit, and output book indexes.

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Use XindeX to create book indexes. XindeX is an easy to learn and use commercial Windows graphical user interface (GUI) application for creating, editing, and outputting indexes in standard formats. XindeX is an ideal tool for authors and professional indexers.

XindeX always shows the index in the correct order (there's never any need to explicitly sort). XindeX can automatically keep page numbers synchronized (e.g., for double-posting, or triple-posting, or more). Each XindeX index is stored in a single .xix file, so it is easy to backup or copy an index, and you can keep all your indexes in a single folder if you want. XindeX has far more conveniences and features than the few mentioned here—the Tutorial introduces the most important ones, and the Reference provides full details of all of them. There's also a screenshot below.

Try (no time limit; max. 600 entries) or Buy ($249 USD)

You can try XindeX for free with no time limit and with no obligation (we don't even ask for your email address). This is the full version, except that you can't add more than 600 entries. To try XindeX, you just need to download the software, install it, and run it. The step-by-step instructions for doing this start with XindeX's requirements. The whole process only takes a few minutes plus the download time. Here's a quick summary:

  1. On the computer you want to use, download one of the XindeX installers (the first works on all modern Windows machines, the second only on 64-bit Windows): (You may get an invalid warning about the .msi file in some browsers. Also, some virus checkers may give a false positive.)
  2. Double-click the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to install XindeX.
  3. Run XindeX (e.g., click the Start menu, then click XindeX). By default XindeX operates in Free Trial Mode in which all the application's facilities are available, but where there is a 600 entry limit.

Note that you can easily Upgrade whenever a new version becomes available.

XindeX's Online Help includes a Tutorial, a complete Reference, as well as information on Support and XindeX's License.

If you decide to purchase an XindeX license and get rid of the limit to the number of entries you can Buy and Register a License Key.


This screenshot below shows XindeX with a small sample index. This index is sorted according the the Chicago Manual of Style's (CMS) word-by-word sort rules—XindeX also supports the CMS letter-by-letter rules and NISO TR03's and ISO 999's letter-by-letter and word-by-word sort rules (and you can break the rules if you like). This index uses Chicago Manual of Style compact page range rules—other page range rules are also supported.

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