XindeX — Online Help

Easy to learn and use software to create, edit, and output book indexes.


We strongly recommend that you take a free trial before buying, to ensure that XindeX meets your needs.

  1. Run XindeX, and pop up the Register Dialog, e.g., by clicking Help→Register, if it isn't already visible.

  2. Click the Register Dialog's Buy Now button, or visit the MyCommerce/XindeX web page directly in your browser (e.g., by clicking the link shown here).

  3. Purchase a license on the secure third-party MyCommerce web site. Once the purchase is complete the confirmation web page will show your license key. (The license key will also be emailed to you separately, but may take up to 24 hours to arrive.)

    The license key must be kept secret and never shared with, or given to, or sold to, anyone else: it is for your use alone.

  4. In the web browser, copy the license key from the confirmation web page (or copy it from the confirmation email).

  5. Paste the license key into the Register dialog's License Key line editor.

  6. Once you have read the license, check the I Accept the License checkbox, then click OK.

From now on the Help→Register action will no longer appear in the Help menu and the Register dialog will never appear.




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