XindeX — Online Help

Easy to learn and use software to create, edit, and output book indexes.

This tutorial will show you how to create a new index, set important options, add, edit, delete, and move entries, produce output, and save and backup your work.

The tutorial covers only the essentials to help you get started as quickly and easily as possible. If you need to do things not covered by the tutorial (e.g., force an entry to have a position in the index it wouldn't naturally occupy), you should find what you need in the Reference.

To work through the tutorial, follow the ⇒ links; the other links are to the Reference in case you want more detail—you can always use the Back button to return to the tutorial.

Throughout the online help, how to invoke actions is shown like this:

Invoke the ... action using Ctrl+N or File→New ... or

This is a compact way of saying:

Invoke the ... action by pressing Ctrl+N or by pressing Alt+F,N, or by clicking File→New ... or by clicking the toolbar button

Key Concepts

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