A samegame/tilefall-like game


The purpose of the game is to remove all the tiles. Click a tile to remove it and any vertically or horizontally adjoining tiles of the same color. (So, clicking a tile with no neighbours of the same color does nothing.) The more tiles that are removed in one go, the bigger the score. (A subtle change to the algorithm in favor of the player was made in Jan 2018.)

If you like Gravitate you could show your appreciation by buying one of our books! A version of Gravitate that remembers your high score between sessions and that allows some customizations (e.g., board size) is included with the examples for our book, Python in Practice. That book's examples also include a 3D version of Gravitate.

Unfortunately, Gravitate doesn't work in all browsers—older browsers don't support the HTML5 canvas tag, and not all modern browsers implement all the web standards.